Work Planning & Control

The whole idea of Asset Optimization is to move toward greater reliability and move away from majority reactive maintenance to > 85% planned maintenance.  Failure Defense Task that was assembled through FDP workshop must be treated as a dynamic, continuous improvement process. The maintenance force must be adequately trained and possess the skill set necessary to address the identified failure modes. Most importantly, all personnel must be willing to address the critical, high priority items first.




Therefore, appropriate mechanisms must be put in place to ensure proper focus. Planning and scheduling activities should be based on the established MPI. Work Planning and Control Optimization will evaluate and enhance all aspects of work planning and scheduling. MTSi Consultant Team along with Client, using a step-by-step methodology, will assists to optimize the planning, scheduling, and tracking of the daily activities for all workers. This includes developing a long term, medium and short plan, identifying and resolving backlog to the performance of work, conducting routine planning meetings, and developing and publishing metrics to trend overall performance.



Maintenance Planner therefore is very critical in order to manage all information through CMMS. By applying proper and efficient Work Planning & Scheduling, it will remove as many obstacles as possible prior to starting the job to achieve a smooth job process, coordinate resources, and most importantly, commit to completing the tasks by a specific date.


Phisical Asset Management Handbook