Strategy Alignment

When the current business practice and performance had been identified, then proceed to align current strategy to close the gap between current and future state. Strategy Alignment consists of aligning corporate vision and developing Strategy Map for corporate and productive units. Strategy is mapped using balance score card in four different perspectives : Financial perspective, Customer perspective, Internal perspective and People/Work Culture perspective. This will ensure the corporate vision integration, management buy-in and support towards common goal of Asset Optimization.

Along with you, we will align and validate detailed strategy through a strategy workshop that should be attended by executive management. This workshop will review the options available for setting up the organization to become a low cost high productivity producer, and transform its findings into an asset optimization strategy. The workshop has the joint purpose of informing participants of the “asset optimization opportunities” combined with strategy formulation. Expert facilitation of the workshop ensured the balance between information and formulation.

The corporate strategy then would be cascaded to the lower level in your plants in order to create a focused and aligned approach to company issues. Once the plant strategies were in place, an overall project implementation plan is drawn up in detail.

The output of this strategy alignment is a tangible document that visualizes corporate business. However, the most important is intangible outcome during strategy alignment workshop. Among of those intangible outcomes are :

  • Leadership commitment to change
  • Management support
  • Ownership of initiative improvement program


Phisical Asset Management Handbook