Formed in 2001, the company history itself can be tracked down more than 15 years ago with the emerging of Predictive Maintenance Technology. The company founder developed themselves from pure technology supplier, technology commissioner and finally technology implementer.

Along with our growing PdM experience, we incorporate in-depth knowledge of machine design & operation, strong root-cause analysis techniques, as well as extensive performance and efficiency computer-based modeling. This method will easily recognize the losses area in production plant and allow maintenance decision to be taken based on potential savings generated. Further down the line of implementation, company founders realized that a good solution recommendation was not enough without proper execution. It was required to assist major industries in further prioritizing, coordinating, planning, scheduling and executing the recommended task in order to achieve tangible result.

In order to forge the concept into reality, company founders developed integrated Asset Optimization Program, which consist of the best practices in the fields of strategic development, process efficiency improvement, CMMS/ERP system, reliability improvement, business process & human asset development.

MTS Indonesia implemented the asset optimization program firstly at one of the major process-orientated industry in 2003. This program has created tremendous benefit and shifted corporate working culture toward vision aligned corporate strategy.

Phisical Asset Management Handbook